• Hands on experts in property asset servicing, incorporating day to day structured rent, service charge and insurance management and value enhancement strategies.
  • Assist in consolidating values, by actively seeking to improve existing property income and debt positions.
  • Evaluate and assess commercial assets with the full benefit and security for the client of a Non Disclosure Agreement relating to the information provided, bringing a clear focus and unbiased view of the assets.
  • Evaluate funding relationships with a view to improving, enhancing and renegotiating where possible.
  • Where required, inject fresh equity and joint venture party status to align interests and results.

Red Barn Asset Management clients benefit from our extensive experience both in UK and the Central Eastern
European markets.

  • Work alongside our clients
  • Focus on increasing value over the medium and long term
  • Maximize loan and asset recovery

As property advisors we have the ability to work both with the private and public sectors.

In recent years Richard has worked in the public sector and understands the problems facing councils with tighter budgets and need for savings. Councils property portfolios provide opportunities to generate enhanced value and longer term growth.

  • In the public sector RBAM can provide advise on property strategy, new ways of creating value from the existing portfolios.
  • We understand the key elements of property asset management.
  • We understand how they might be embedded in your organisation.
  • We can develop a performance management system designed to improve your organisation’s property asset management.
  • RBAM advising on disposals from concept to completion of the sale.
  • We have team management and transformation experience.